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Why choose a Naturopathic Nutritionist? 

Some people prefer to choose the natural medicine approach as opposed to the pharmaceutical medicine approach, to avoid as many medical interventions as they can. Sometimes clients had never heard of a Naturopath nor realised that there was any real alternative to the medical approach and it just seemed logical that working with your body’s evolutionary expectations just makes sense. Wouldn't it be great to know what to expect in life knowing if there are potholes you can avoid just by changing simple things in your diet and lifestyle. Making life's journey so much smoother.

Often people at the end of their tether, having tried many other avenues to improve their health, look to natural medicine for answers. 


Some of the specific reasons for engaging a Naturopathic Nutritionist are:

      - Low energy 

      -Gut issues 

      -Sleep issues 

      -Hormones out of control 

      -Auto immune issues 


      -Depression or anxiety

      -Unexplained issues 

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What to expect when booking a one-to-one consultation​

A fifteen minute free screening, is offered to ascertain your needs and answer any preliminary questions. If we agree to work together, you book an initial consultation that lasts for up to two hours. Prior to the initial consultation you will receive a food diary and a form to fill in and send to me up to 24 hours before the consultation. During the initial consultation I will ask you questions to expand on this information so that I can create a therapy plan that best suits your needs. I may use certain Naturopathic tools to help me create a picture of your heath, and if necessary, recommend laboratory tests to deepen the knowledge we have of your body. Once I have a full picture of the health issues you need support with, I will then advise you on nutritional adjustments, lifestyle changes and supplements that I feel will benefit you.

After the consultation you will be provided with a copy of your nutritional protocol, any supplement and test recommendations to take action with immediately and a selection of handouts to facilitate this. If necessary I will take time to do more research and provide further information. After the initial consultation we can then decide on an appropriate schedule of repeat visits. The number of consultations necessary depends on your unique situation. The aim of follow-up appointments is to monitor your progress and adjust the protocol to suit your evolving needs. Repeat consultations generally last for 45 minutes to an hour and are usually every 4 weeks. Consultations are online or in person at the Point of health clinic in Chandlers Ford.

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